Members of Lucky Pierre in performance. PHOTO courtesy of Lucky Pierre

In the Future Something Will Have Happened

Working through themes of algorithmic control and finance-driven ecological collapse, this performance for a single audience member includes a brief introduction by Lucky Pierre, followed by a shared walk through the streets of Toronto. Without relying on the connectivity of the digital info-sphere, and using direct observation, we will document our journey. The performance will be repeated with different audience members throughout the festival culminating in a public presentation of our collected findings—the traces, artifacts and ideas generated by shared walking. Let’s move together from the digital probable to the embodied possible.

In the Future Something Will Have Happened is part of Future.Perfect, Lucky Pierre and Lucky Pierre Free University’s ongoing project exploring algorithmic/digital control and possibilities for creating connection and solidarity beyond the ever accelerating demands of the digital network.

Lucky Pierre is an internationally recognized Chicago-based art making collective working in performance, writing, objects, events, education and activism. Since 1993, they have collaboratively created numerous works, initiatives and events. In 2012 the group launched LPFU (Lucky Pierre Free University), a venue for research-based group learning and creation. Collective members contributing to this work include Ian Hatcher, Kevin Kaempf, Heather Lindahl, Matthew Nicholas, and Michael Thomas. Michael Thomas, Ian Hatcher, and Heather Lindahl will be in Toronto for the 7a*11d iteration.

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