LÓPEZ, Pancho


Pancho López, Anger (Ira) 7a*11d 2010 PHOTO Henry Chan

Anger (Ira)
Friday October 29 8 pm
XPACE Cultural Centre

Sometimes, a process exposes the ways that things become, bit by bit, more than you can handle. This performance looks at the feeling of being full, overwhelmed, pissed off.

Pancho López is a Mexican performance artist interested in everyday life and how it connects with performance. He works at Museo Universitario del Chopo where he organizes the Performagia performance art festival. He is also director of Eject international videoperformance art festival presented since 2006 at Ex Teresa arte Actual. He has presented his work in China, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Spain and Portugal.

Natalie Loveless’s eyewitness account
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Pancho López, Anger (Ira) 7a*11d 2010

Performance Art Daily October 30, 2010 at Toronto Free Gallery feautring Pancho López, Francis O'Shaughnessy & Sara Létourneau, Martine Viale, moderator Bojana Videkanic

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