Risa Kusumoto, Escaping from reality photo-based performance Berlin 2008 PHOTO Risa Kusumoto & Alain LE Treut

Forget me not
Friday October 24 8 pm
XPACE Cultural Centre

In this piece, I work with impressions that I have received from one person. She is near the end of her natural life, and her memory is slowly becoming more and more confused; but at the same time she is remembering the past more and more. Everyone will sooner or later experience the state where memories are confused and then slowly clear out. In the end, everything goes back to nature. I will explore the emotional attachment and value that we have toward memories of day-to-day life.

Risa Kusumoto is a multidisciplinary artist interested in the small replacement and displacement of daily images. She was raised in Japan, Brazil, the USA, Germany, and Canada and is a self-described “Instant Noodle Brat.” Her inspiration is the dream that she sees, images of various parts of the world patched together into a whole.

Andrew James Paterson’s eyewitness account

Risa Kusumoto, Forget me not 7a*11d 2008

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