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James Knott James Knott presents… “The Apocalypse in Your Bedroom” Tour 7a*11d 2018 PHOTO Henry Chan

James Knott presents…”The Apocalypse In Your Bedroom” Tour
Thursday October 4 7:30 pm

This award-winning facade of a rock show utilizes layers of projection, audio, gestural choreography, and stage props to coalesce into a black-box style theatrical spectacle exploring the elusive and dichotomous nature of queer identity. Through reinterpreted personal histories that are poetically reimagined, the show unveils an underlying narrative of struggle with mental health, identity, and societal acceptance. The degradation of the ‘self’ unfolds in front of the viewer as the spectacle elements of the theatrical fantasy chip away to reveal a deteriorating reality.

James Knott is an emerging Toronto-based artist and writer who recently graduated from OCAD University. Their practice combines video, animation, performance, audio art, and theatre to create immersive experiences for the viewer. Common themes and motifs include paradoxical and queer identity, inner dialogue, mental illness, and camp theatrics.

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Critical review Tender Considerations by Geneviève Wallen

James Knott, James Knott presents...”The Apocalypse In Your Bedroom” Tour 7a*11d 2018 VIDEO Alan Peng & Jeff Zhao, edited by James Knott ©James Knott

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