HOOD, Anne-Marie & BAKIC, Michelle


Anne-Marie Hood & Michelle Bakic, 7a*11d 1998 PHOTO Cheryl Rondeau

…Of Necessity
Sunday August 23 5 pm
87 Wade Ave, 3rd floor

Curated by Terril-Lee W. Calder as part of Dinner @ 5 (we are what we eat)

This ‘vegetarian’ work combines Hood’s choerography and Bakic’s visual art. Anne-Marie Hood will present herself to the audience as a salad. Wearing a costume that will include organic greens, and moving through a site-specific environment she has created, she will invite improvisational, one-on-one interactions with audience members as she constructs a whimsical, kinetic vision of food-as-living.

Anne-Marie Hood is a young Toronto woman of colour with a background in dance and visual arts.

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