HILL, Peter


Peter Hill, ?Conduit! pipe line to the soul 7a*11d 1997 PHOTO Cheryl Rondeau

?Conduit! pipe line to the soul
Thursday August 7 to Saturday August 9 7 pm
Trinity Bellwoods Park (Queen St W to Dundas St W, Gore Vale Ave to Crawford St)

Curated by Terril-Lee W. Calder-Fujii, Jenny Keith & Derek Mohamed as part of Sediment

Peter Hill has been a fool since before he was born. A participant, and administrator in all the arts, his greatest achievements include surviving Symptom Hall for 4 years and learning to play the bagpipes when he was quite young. Various projects include: the performance art band Shaved Monkey, performance art musicals; Making Wind, C.R.A.P. II, and C.R.A.P., a book called Making Wind, a tape of music called Glove is not a four letter word, and soundtracks, paintings, sculptures, songs, directing and performing. He is  obsessed with uniting all the arts and Humanity in one great musical, but, so far he has done the complete opposite.


Peter Hill, ?Conduit! pipe line to the soul 7a*11d 1997 ©Peter Hill

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