LUNA, Fausto Méndez


Fausto Méndez Luna, Cocina incoherente [Incoherent cuisine] 7a*11d 2014 PHOTO Henry Chan

Cocina incoherente [Incoherent cuisine]
Friday October 31 8 pm
Artscape Youngplace

This event consists of an installation-in-process, actions, and objects from which a situation will be derived. The title of the work is ironic: Incoherent Cuisine aims for a transversal intersection of analogous substances and concepts. Ingredients and ways of making food that might seem mad must be symbolically coherent, materially sustainable, and aesthetically honest. I will use the frame/laboratory of performance to produce three signs (ingredients). For now, I am clear about the use of three substances: corn flour, maple leaf and gold leaf.

Fausto Méndez Luna is currently developing his thesis in Visual Arts for UNAM (Mexico City). He studied semiology and its contributions to the proper conditions of Action Art. He has collaborated with academic institutions in Mexico City, Xalapa, and Oaxaca, presenting his work as an action artist in the context of festivals and institutional events. He was one of the organizers of the 4th IntermediaLab Festival in Veracruz.

Jenn Snider’s eyewitness account

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