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Brian Connolly, Market Stall Performance 7a*11d 2010 PHOTO Henry Chan

Market Stall Performance
Saturday October 23 12 pm – 5 pm
Kensington Market (St Andrew St)

This performance is designed specifically for a marketplace or where street trading takes place. I will create a stall where I try to sell a series of surreal objects, or engage the public in a range of satirical or socio-political activities and interactions. The performance works best when encountered as a normal stall, unannounced, and not identified as art. It is important that I trade along with the normal artisans and sellers. The less said beforehand the better.

Brian Connolly has created performance art internationally since 1993. One strand of his work induces public participation; another is often elaborate and contextual. He has organized a range of international events and was a co-founder of Bbeyond. Brian is an Associate Lecturer at the University of Ulster, Belfast.

Natalie Loveless’s eyewitness account

Performance Art Daily October 24, 2010 at Toronto Free Gallery feautring Maurice Blok, Robin Brass, Brian Connolly, moderator Paul Couillard

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