CONLIN, Peter & FORKERT, Kirsten


Peter Conlin & Kirsten C. Forkert's Spill exterior view 7a*11d 1997 PHOTO Shannon Cochrane

Thursday August 7 4 pm – 7 pm
962 Queen St W (just east of Ossington Ave)

Curated by Shannon Cochrane as part of .in/attendant.

Peter Conlin and Kirsten C. Forkert, both Nova Scotia School of Art and Design graduates, work in performance, sound and video.  For .in/attendant., Conlin and Forkert present a piece entitled Spill.  Over the course of 3 hours, the window space is entirely filled with junk—old toys, furniture, clothes—objects which are perceived as being no longer useful,  desperate in their patheticness. Once filled, the window space is slowly emptied out onto the street. As one performer empties, the other continually speaks, a rambling confessional, the sometimes undignified state of spilling one’s guts.  The futility of filling and then emptying the space allows for the experience of a loss of containment, and a failure to conceal and obey  emotional boundaries, as the window space is physically and emotionally stripped clean.

Peter Conlin & Kirsten Forkert, Spill 7a*11d 1997 ©Peter Conlin & Kirsten Forkert

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