BYRD, Jeffery


Jeffrey Byrd, Symphony (1,538 Beautiful Notes) 7a*11d 2010 PHOTO Henry Chan

Symphony (1,538 Beautiful Notes)
Saturday October 23 12 pm – 7 pm
Toronto Free Gallery

In my day job as a university administrator, I try to use creativity to transform mundane activities into art. For this durational performance, I will spend an eight-hour workday writing beautiful words in many languages onto ordinary Post-It notes. Perhaps these humble pages (usually reserved for the most utilitarian communication) might achieve a level of free-form poetic transcendence.

Jeffery Byrd’s work explores the relationship between artifice and reality and the challenge of finding beauty in the unexpected. He has participated in performance and video festivals throughout the USA and in China, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Colombia, Mexico, Italy and the UK.

Nataline Loveless’s eyewitness account

Performance Art Daily October 22, 2010 at Toronto Free Gallery featuring Jeffery Byrd, Helge Meyer, and Gwendoline Robin moderator Berenicci Hershorn

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