BABIN, Sylvette


Sylvette Babin, untitled 7a*11d 2008 PHOTO Henry Chan

Friday October 24 8 pm
XPACE Cultural Centre

Interdisciplinary artist Sylvette Babin is active mainly in the fields of performance, installation, and video. Particularly interested in contextual art and in situ, her performances and installations are generally created out of the places where they occur. Through strategies and devices built around the body, often placed in an absurd situation, or by using visual and/or audible games, Babin offers metaphors related to physical or psychological states. Recently, teaching performance has led her to consider the question of the renewal of the practice. During her residency, Babin has decided to reflect on the state of performance art (l’art action) and of the performative gesture, in particular by calling into question its true place at the heart of this practice.

Sylvette Babin has been working in performance since 1997. Also working as a writer, editor and curator, Babin has published in numerous journals, catalogues and artist books. She is the Director of the magazine esse arts + opinions and has been a member of the editorial board since 1997. More recently she has also worked as a teacher in the Urban and Theatre Arts program of Collège Shawinigan. In 2009 she will co-curate the event Orange in Saint-Hyacinthe.

Artist profile of Sylvette Babin by Elaine Wong
Elaine Wong’s eyewitness account

Sylvette Babin, untitled 7a*11d 2006

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