Arahmaiani Handle Without Care 7a*11d 2018 PHOTO Henry Chan

Handle Without Care
Sunday October 7 3:30 pm

Handle Without Care is a critical statement on a consumptive economic system that has marginalized indigenous cultures and ways of life. The work also speaks to how identity politics and religion are being instrumentalized.

Arahmaiani‘s work grapples with contemporary politics, violence, critique of capital, and the female body. Her Muslim identity mediates between Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, and animist beliefs. She combines her critical attitude toward Islam with a fight against its general stigmatization. Since 2010 she has been working with Tibetan monks in the Tibetan Plateau to address environmental issues.

Critical review RE:FRAMING by Francesco Gagliardi
Critical review Tender Considerations by Geneviève Wallen

Arahmaiani, Handle Without Care 7a*11d 2018 VIDEO Alan Peng and Jeff Zhao © Arahmaiani

Performance Art Daily 2018 7a*11d October 5: Arahmaiani and François Morelli VIDEO: Alan Peng and Jeff Zhao

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