anti-cool, Reset Button 7a*11d 2006 PHOTO Henry Chan

Reset Button
Thursday October 19 8 pm

In my country, one can find many people who are afraid of being hurt so they decide to live in virtual reality. For example, there are adult men who are seriously in love with cartoon characters – girls that are still children but have all the curves. Or take the people who are into dating websites. Since it isn’t necessary to give others their personal information, they don’t need real commitment and they can erase their relationships whenever they want. I will discuss these social phenomena with a series of actions in which I attempt to conquer limits and rules that are self-produced.

anti-cool’s performances address the acts of people who have a tendency to depend excessively on food, objects, “others,” and mass media. Her performances include NIPAF 2000 performance art festival (Tokyo), Asiatopia International Performance Art Festival (Bangkok), EXIT: International Festival for Unusual Live Performance (Helsinki), Echigostumari Art Triennial 2003 (Nigata, Japan), the 4th International Performance Festival Odense (Denmark), and You Are Here Festival (Nottingham, UK).

anti-cool, Reset Button 7a*11d 2006 ©anti-cool

anti-cool (Tomoko Freeman) interviewed by Tanya Mars, Toronto 2006

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