ADACHI Tomomi, Electric Chopsticks & Cup 7a*11d 2008 PHOTO Henry Chan

Japanese Sound Poetry
Electric Chopsticks & Cup
Sunday October 26 4 pm
XPACE Cultural Centre

ADACHI Tomomi will present a series of short works: from historical Japanese sound poems including works by Niikuni Seiichi and Adachi’s own compositions, to performances with self-made electronic devices.

ADACHI Tomomi is a performer/composer, sound poet, performance and installation artist who has performed improvised music (solo and with others including Jaap Blonk, Nicolas Collins, Carl Stone and Otomo Yoshihide) and contemporary music with voice, computer, sensor systems and self-made instruments in venues including the Centre Pompidou (France), the Walker Art Center (USA) and STEIM (Netherlands). He performed the Japanese premiere of Kurt Schwitters’s Ursonate in 1996 and directed the Japanese premiere of John Cage’s Europera5 in 2007. His installation and video works have been presented at various European museums and festivals. His CDs include the solo album sparkling materialism (naya records) and two Adachi Tomomi Royal Chorus recordings: nu (naya records) and yo (Tzadik).

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ADACHI Tomomi, Japanese Sound Poetry / Improvisation / Electric Chopsticks & Cup 7a*11d 2008

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