Roddy Hunter, Statement of Matter: Performances of Indefinite Duration FADO, Toronto 1999 PHOTO Paul Couillard

Notes Toward ‘The Eternal Network in the Era of Globalization’
Friday October 29 12 pm
Toronto Free Gallery

Presented by Toronto Free Gallery

From notions of ‘Eternal Network’ in a cold-war world through the ‘democratizaton’ of free movement of the 1990s to the global corporatism and economic meltdown of the 2000s, this lecture considers how our increasingly globalized politics have directly impacted—and even engendered—an understanding of the art of action.

Roddy Hunter is an artist, educator and writer. He has organized and participated in artists’ meetings internationally for over 15 years. He taught at Dartington College of Arts from 1998 to 2007 and is currently Head of Fine Arts at York St. John University.



2010 Performance Art Daily