TURNER, Camille

Camille Turner, Jane’s Walk, 2011. PHOTO Michele Clarke

Sunday October 28 2:30 pm
Toronto Free Gallery

We will visit familiar places for the first time, embracing strange and wonderful worlds that hide in plain view.

Camille Turner is a Toronto based media/performance artist and curator. She is the founder of Outerregion, a performance company that creates perception altering experiences and was co-founder of Year Zero One, a digital media organization. She has curated numerous exhibitions for Subtle Technologies, a festival that blurs the boundaries between art and science. Camille has presented talks, performances, workshops and exhibitions in Canada and internationally. Her ongoing projects include Miss Canadiana, a beauty queen on a ‘round the world Red, White and Beautiful Tour andThe Final Frontier, an afrofuturist performance in which astronauts from an ancient African civilization return to earth to save the planet.



Camille Turner, SonicWalk: 7a*11d 2012 © Camille Turner