TURNER, Camille

2012 9th 7a*11d Festival

Camille Turner, Jane’s Walk, 2011. PHOTO Michele Clarke

Sunday October 28 2:30 pm
Toronto Free Gallery

We will visit familiar places for the first time, embracing strange and wonderful worlds that hide in plain view.

Camille Turner is a Toronto based media/performance artist and curator. She is the founder of Outerregion, a performance company that creates perception altering experiences and was co-founder of Year Zero One, a digital media organization. She has curated numerous exhibitions for Subtle Technologies, a festival that blurs the boundaries between art and science. Camille has presented talks, performances, workshops and exhibitions in Canada and internationally. Her ongoing projects include Miss Canadiana, a beauty queen on a ‘round the world Red, White and Beautiful Tour andThe Final Frontier, an afrofuturist performance in which astronauts from an ancient African civilization return to earth to save the planet.