Margaret Dragu

Written By Jessica Karuhanga

VERB FRAU TV Season 5: 7a*11d


I have just returned from the kitchen with Michelle. We were guests on the last episode of the fifth season of VERB FRAU TV. Well, it was more of a follow-up to close the season. The idea behind our debrief was in essence to unravel and process what we had witnessed and endured the last couple of weeks. We wrung out our sponges of all the energies they had absorbed. Our episode was one of recovering and rediscovering. I have tuned in and out of the series over the last ten days. I play these videos as I wade through my daily tasks. I appreciate the intimacy. There is always something a bit melancholic as a festival draws to a close. Some of these contents remain with us. We process these ghosts. We try to draw from these elements. To translate our response back into form. There remains a reflection of something passing. Golboo Amani instigated the possibility of a blogger’s reflection with Margaret Dragu aka VERB WOMAN. During our debrief we discussed our own practices, symbols, archives, what has moved us, what has stuck like glue and the future. As our conversation drew to a close Margaret Dragu asked us to do a one-minute performance. She has asked all of her guests to contribute to the record in some capacity. A series of processes, sounds, arrangements and movements. Michelle and I begin by talking about the possible action. There is pressure and words and nervousness invariably get in the way. So we improvise dancing hand movements instead. First her hand. Now mine. Slow and elegant sweeps across the counter and beneath the frame.

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