New Look

As we look forward to the 2016 edition of the 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art, we have also been doing a bit of work refreshing and updating our website. Check out our exciting 2016 line-up, of course, but also have a look at our modified design. Special thanks to Mohammad Rezaei, who is responsible for the redesign. We think he’s come up with an elegant compromise between his contemporary, mobile-friendly aesthetic and our fondness for a few of the world wide web’s more retro design features. For the moment, we are still working out a few kinks, but there’s certainly enough here to give you a sense of our new look. Don’t worry, archival information on our pre-2012 festivals will return shortly, expanded and updated to the new look. The quaint pages of our original sites are now a thing of the past—hardcore ‘authenticists’ will have to use the Wayback Machine (the Internet’s own version of Sherman and Mr. Peabody) if they want to relive those halcyon days of early HTML coding.

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