NEW EVENT: Sakiko Yamaoka in residence

Body Maintenance
Sunday August 11 2 pm
John Innes Community Recreation Centre
150 Sherbourne Street

Time to hit the gym! Join Japanese artist Sakiko Yamaoka for the first event in our new performance series, KinesTHESES. In this performance, Yamaoka starts with a simple material proposition: her body, a basketball, a gymnasium, and a visiting audience.

Sakiko writes:

“We approach our bodies with various kinds of attention and consciousness: avoiding danger, preserving belongings or relationships, finding various types of opportunity, seeking interesting ways to enter through eyes, ears and … using our reflexes or our senses.

“How can we train these senses?

“I, personally, don’t like to do or watch any sports, but we can use the tools of sport for other intentions. For example, art performances.”

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