Momus interviews Toronto Performance Art Collective members Johanna Householder and Francisco-Fernando Granados

Check out this recent wide-ranging interview with 7a*11d collective members Johanna Householder and Francisco-Fernando Granados by Fabien Maltais-Bayda in Momus: “Performance Art in a Precarious Time: A Conversation with Johanna Householder and Francisco-Fernando Granados”. Householder and Granados take the opportunity to talk about the current state of performance art, the challenges of creating and curating live work, and the ways performance intersects with various social, political and educational institutions.

I think caring for the field is also what binds us [7a*11d] together as a collective, because we are serious about it. We feel that performance has modalities of expression that are not available in any other art form, and that can address very deeply and sincerely the human condition. That’s what makes us want to keep working. —JH

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