LEE, Serena

Details of the Last Survey, Helsinki, Finland 2013 PHOTO Antti Ahonen

Layers Channels Paths History
Saturday November 1 8 pm
Artscape Youngplace

Stemming from the historical footnote of a decapitated cartographer, Layers Channels Paths History is an improvised orchestration of colour-coding, choral participation, shades of green, shades of brown, usability, various scales and legends, repeat after me, a derailed Photoshop tutorial, kinds of violence, a reluctance to be found, the idiocy of neutral space, brush painting, walking, and compromised visibility.

Driven by a fascination with polyphony, Serena Lee layers low-res close-ups, performance, improvised narratives, messy projections, copy-cut-paste, recorded sound and live voice, text, and conversation. She is a third-generation Chinese-Canadian artist currently based in London, UK.

Presented with the assistance of the Toronto Arts Council and Ontario Arts Council.



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