MORELLI, François

2018 12th 7a*11d Festival

Marche Fluviale/Tidal Walk, Berlin Wall, Germany 2017 PHOTO Paul Litherland

Mari usque ad Mare / D’un trou d’eau à l’autre / Piss and Vinegar
Saturday October 6 7:21 am to 6:50 pm (sunrise to sunset) concluding at the Theatre Centre

Morelli is interested in the history of places, how we mark time, and what we choose to remember. Forty years of public walking, crawling, tumbling, carrying, dragging, and pulling have created openings and opportunities for chance and change. Using his moving body to meet others and image objects to fuel conversations, he ventures that people will stop, look and ask questions, possibly shedding light on themselves, who they are, where they are from and where they are heading. As a species we drink and piss. If we don’t we are doomed to extinction.

François Morelli received an MFA in installation and performance art from Rutgers University in 1983. He has been professor at Concordia University since 1996 and part of the Joyce Yahouda Gallery in Montreal since 2006. In 1993 he was awarded the prix d’excellence by la Biennale de dessin et d’estampe d’Alma and in 2007 received the Prix Louis Comtois from the City of Montreal.