Sini Haapalinna, TELEIDOSCOPOPSPECTRACAL ArtSpace Raleigh USA 2008 PHOTO Katherine Ferrier

Live Cinematic Trans Flux
Friday October 31 8 pm
XPACE Cultural Centre

Transforming constellations of projected real time imagery and the actions of the performer (instantly composing with light, objects and movement) create a generative sphere of circuits between body, space, poetics and technology. This performance explores and celebrates the flows, failures, delays and layers of the moment by diffusing practices of live cinema and performance art in the spirit of the trans flux…

Sini Haapalinna’s work is based on continuous exploration of the embodied experience of space, time, kinaesthetics and technology. She uses mixed media for creating immersive environments and atmospheres in which performative actions and events take place. She has collaborated with artists from a variety of fields and backgrounds, and worked with the experimental art collectives: Voukkoset, Proimpro, and 3rd Side Specific.

Presented with the support of FRAME Finnish Fund for Art Exchange.


Sini Haapalinna, KALEIDOSCOPOPSPECTACAL Live Cinematic Trans Flux 7a*11d 2008

Sini Haapalinna interviewed by Johanna Householder, Toronto 2008