ORAMAS, Eduardo

Felicitaciones, Berlin, Germany 2014 PHOTO Lala Nomada

Felicitaciones / Congratulations
Wednesday October 29 8 pm
Artscape Youngplace

Co-presented with L’Écart

My research focuses on the relationship between the city and the body, understanding the city as a dynamic and changing environment where we co-exist and produce different corporealities. I work with improvisation and interdisciplinary practices. Improvisation as a technique trains us to be attentive and open to the present. I understand interdisciplinary practice as a place of new experiences and blurred boundaries, where collective experimentation capitalizes on the diversity of knowledge and experience in order to expand creative possibilities and go beyond the known patterns.

Eduardo Oramas is a Colombian choreographer, dancer, performer and university professor. He is an anthropologist and has an interdisciplinary master’s degree in Theater and Live Arts. He is artistic director of the Colectivo La Bestia, which is a space for scenic research. Eduardo has directed various works including Luz de Luna, Felicitaciones, Rosala and Patafuerte.




2014 Performance Art Dailly: Uncomfortable Physicalities