BROMS, Gustaf

2018 12th 7a*11d Festival

Untitled, GyroNights Festival, Hong Kong 2016 PHOTO Serge Ivanov

the unknown story of a forgetful amnesiac
Saturday October 6 9:30pm

the impulse for making the work
is in the longing
to catch a glimpse
of the fleeting experience
B E I N G  M I N D
that inhabits B O D Y
moving through T I M E and S P A C E

to condense this experience into form
as an attempt to understand something about something

this language—body as interface—
has potential to create fluid structures for mind
—close to the essence of what this living thing is?
this creates potential for re-examining
the accumulated ideas of what B E I N G is
beyond identification within borders of skin

here is potential for evolution?

Gustaf Broms understands a work as a possibility to explore fluid structures of consciousness, arbitrary borders between interior and exterior, and between beings and environment.