CHÁVEZ, Aidana María Rico

Performance Exodo Vertical, Rosario, Argentina 2011 PHOTO Mica Pertuzzo

De la serie variaciones sobre el vuelo. El cielo [From the series on flight. The sky]
Saturday November 1 8 pm
Artscape Youngplace

This performance consists of several parts: exhibition and presentation of objects; first contact with the other; interrelation; short actions with objects; discovering the objects’ individual poetics and their relation with the others; and the body as object.

I discovered performance by making it; writing poems and reading them on the street, slowly they became less words and more images. One day someone told me I was making performance art… and then the world turned upside down. Since 2002 I have been showing my work like crazy in buses, parks, streets, museums, and performance festivals and events around the world in China, Ireland, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Czech Republic, etc. I have taught performance classes in university, and now I give workshops and talks. Together with Ignacio Pérez I founded the performance publication and networking project PERFORMANCELOGÍA.


2014 Performance Art Daily: Language sound body