2018 Performance Art Daily

2018 12th 7a*11d Festival

Performance Art Daily is a lunchtime artist talk series featuring discussions with and among many of the festival’s visiting artists and organizers. This is an opportunity for the festival audience to meet and engage with our invited artists. Find out what issues drive these artists’ work. Talk about performance art’s hot-button issues. Learn more about how performance art happens and is supported in other communities. The talks will be recorded live and archived online. Sessions from previous festivals (2010-2016) can be found on our website as well as our YouTube channel.

Wednesday October 3 Noon
Sandra VIDA
Art, Life, & Community
A presentation of some of the artist’s performative video works.

Performance Art Daily 2018, 7a*11d
October 3: Sandra Vida, Art, Life, & Community
VIDEO: Alan Peng and Jeff Zhao

Thursday October 4 Noon
Reception of Electricity
A chronicle of Hank Bull’s art partnership with Patrick Ready under the banner of HP, setting their exploits in the context of the history of electricity.

Friday October 5 Noon
François MORELLI
A discussion with two established artists who work across disciplines.

Saturday October 6 Noon
Thirza Jean CUTHAND
A lively panel with three remarkable Canadian artists.

Performance Art Daily 2018, 7a*11d
October 6: Thirza Jean Cuthand, Louise Liliefeldt, and Cindy Mochizuki in conversation with Paul Couillard
VIDEO: Alan Peng and Jeff Zhao